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Sunday, 3 October 2021

How to Write a Horoscope Column

You've likely read your horoscope in magazines, but you may not know that the study is an ancient tradition that's been around for thousands of years. Astrology has its roots in early Mesopotamia, China, Greece, and Egypt.[1] Though its popularity in pop culture has waxed and waned, astrologers and believers remain dedicated to its practice. If you'd like to learn more about writing a horoscope column, you may have many questions about astrology's illuminating teachings and revelations. Luckily, this article is here to help you learn more.


[Edit]How do people write horoscopes?

  1. Astrologers draw insights from astrological events, the lunar calendar, and the stars. When writing a horoscope, they relate these events to each Zodiac sign and how they will be affected each month.[2] To make personalized insights for each sign, columnists analyze the sun signs as well as something called the solar house system.[3]
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    • The solar house system helps columnists expand and personalize their astrological reading without a person's birth time. This system works from the belief that the signs that precede and ascend a person's sun sign on the astrological calendar also have an influence on someone's thoughts and behaviors.
    • Astrologers often draw meaning from the new moon, the full moon, and any significant astrological events each month (lunar eclipses and retrogrades are common examples).

[Edit]Who writes horoscopes?

  1. Professional astrologers usually write horoscopes. These people have studied astrology in-depth to develop a deep knowledge of the Zodiac, the stars, astrological events, and the lunar calendar. To become a professional, you don't need to follow one set path. You might study to become accredited by organizations like the International Society of Astrological Research. You also have the option of teaching yourself through a wide array of books and astrology content available online.[4]
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    • Some astrologers write personalized horoscopes using a person's rising and moon sign, while others use the solar house system to make more general readings (these are what usually comprise newspaper columns).[5]

[Edit]How do you write your own horoscope column?

  1. Study moon phases and astrological events each month. Then, determine how these will affect each sign by analyzing each sign's corresponding planet and house. Draw insights from the lunar calendar each month. A new moon and a full moon can be significant for each sign in different ways. Next, determine what major astrological events are currently going on during that month. These will also have a unique influence over each sign.[6]
    Write a Horoscope Column Step 3.jpg
    • Use a website like https://mooncalendar.astro-seek.com/ to analyze the lunar calendar.
    • Astrology websites such as https://www.astrology.com/ feature calendars that give you the major astrological events happening throughout the year.
    • To make insights for how these will affect the signs each month, start with that sign's house.[7] For example, Virgo rules the house of service, health, and routine. Determine how the placement of the moon and astrological events will affect their organization, schedule, and ability to help others.[8]
  2. Draw inspiration from the people in your life. Many astrologers look to the people around them and their corresponding sign to see how the lunar calendar and astrological events are affecting them.[9] Though this isn't an exact science, pay attention to how your friends and family are behaving, especially during a new moon, full moon, or a big astrological event (mercury retrograde is a common example). This could help you add more personalized details to your horoscope.
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  3. Embrace your unique writing style. Writing a good horoscope is an art form. Your writing should reflect your knowledge of astrology, but also your talent for creating a succinct and engaging piece of writing. Throw in personal touches to show off your voice.[10]
    Write a Horoscope Column Step 5.jpg
    • You might include quotes from philosophers, details drawn from pop culture and celebrity gossip, or even references to popular film and TV characters. Other astrologers cite the work of poets and famous writers to supplement their work.[11]

[Edit]How do you get a horoscope column published?

  1. Start an astrology blog or website. Many successful astrologers self-publish horoscopes on websites and blogs they've created themselves. Use a free website and blog-hosting service available online to build your own and start writing horoscopes for the public. You might consider marketing your horoscopes on social media to build your following. Eventually, as you gain more readers, your column might get picked up by a magazine or local paper.[12]
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  2. Submit your work to newspapers and magazines. Submit your writing to small, local papers to boost your chance of getting a response. To do so, visit their websites to check for job openings. Even if they're not looking for columnists specifically, use their contact page to pitch your column and send in some writing samples. This helps you get your name out there, and if they are hiring, can even get you a job as a columnist.[13]
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[Edit]Where did astrology come from?

  1. Astrology has roots in ancient traditions all over the world. The first teachings of astrology can be found in the traditions of early Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and Greece.[14] Though traces of early astrology are widespread among ancient cultures, the Babylonians may have been the first to separate the Zodiac into 12 signs. The Greeks later adopted this practice to develop the 12 signs that comprise Western astrology, such as Aries, Taurus, and Cancer.[15]
    Write a Horoscope Column Step 8.jpg
    • To get more of a background on the study and its roots, invest in astrology books and read free articles online.
    • You might also consider attending an online seminar or conference in order to learn from other astrologers.

[Edit]What is a Zodiac sign?

  1. In Western astrology, a Zodiac sign represents 1 of the 12 sectors that make up the earth's orbit around the sun. These signs correspond to the astrological calendar, which is broken into 12 seasons. Find out your Zodiac sign (A.K.A. your sun sign) by determining where your birth date and birth month lands on the astrological calendar.[16]
    Write a Horoscope Column Step 9.jpg
    • The Zodiac signs are ruled by the elements, including fire, water, air, and earth. Each sign also has a corresponding planet and rules a certain house on the Zodiac calendar.
    • Astrology teaches that each Zodiac sign has a certain set of characteristics that influence their beliefs and actions.

[Edit]What is a Zodiac symbol?

  1. Each sign has a symbol that represents it. The Babylonians were first to develop certain Zodiac symbols, such as Scorpio the scorpion and Taurus the bull. When the Greeks adopted the Babylonian's astrological teachings, they added more signs and symbols, such as Aries the ram and Leo the lion. These symbols are meant to be used as pictorial representations of each sign's unique attributes and personality traits.[17]
    Write a Horoscope Column Step 10.jpg
    • Libra is represented by a set of scales, for example, due to their interest in fairness, equality, and balance.

[Edit]How do you know what sign you are?

  1. Your sun sign is determined by your date of birth on the astrological calendar. To determine your sun sign, find an astrological calendar online, such as https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-sun-sign.html, and enter your date of birth. In addition to your sun sign, you also have a rising sign and a moon sign. These can only be determined by providing your birth time and birth city.[18]
    Write a Horoscope Column Step 11.jpg
    • Your rising sign and your moon sign can give you a more detailed reading regarding what planets and houses affect your thoughts and actions.


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