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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

How to Dress Up for a Disco Party

Disco outfits are known for their bright, funky colors and fun accessories. When you go to a disco party, you want to make sure that your outfit is as authentic as possible. Start by shopping online or in a vintage shop for some fun and classic outfits from the disco era, considering different fabrics and fashion trends as you go. Once you’ve selected your costume, jazz it up with a classic hairstyle, some disco-ready makeup, and some great shoes and accessories. With all the glitz and glam of the disco era, you’ll be sure to find an outfit that works for you!


[Edit]Selecting Clothing Items

  1. Try on a jumpsuit for a funky and sleek look. Jumpsuits are a great option for both men and women due to their timeless style and sleek appearance. If you truly want to embody the disco era, opt for a one-piece jumpsuit that reaches your ankles. This garment is great if you plan on dancing a lot—you can even jazz it up with high heels or platform shoes.[1]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 1.jpeg
    • For example, wear a sleeveless coral jumpsuit along with a pair of chunky, high-heeled sandals. For a more masculine approach, opt for a two-toned jumpsuit instead, like purple and black or tan and brown.
    • Unlike other fashion staples of the disco era, jumpsuits are still worn today![2]
  2. Pay homage to traditional 70s fashion by wearing a disco suit. Get into the spirit of the times by going to the party in a three-piece disco suit. For an especially bold look, opt for an all-white ensemble. If you’d prefer to add a splash of color, try pairing a dark vest and slacks with a brightly colored dress shirt.[3]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 2.jpeg
    • For instance, wear a white vest, slacks, and jacket with a blue and white plaid dress shirt underneath. Add some flair to the outfit with a pair of sunglasses!
  3. Pair some shiny pants with a clingy top to look extra chic. If you don’t want to commit to the jumpsuit but still want to wear something fun and relaxed, try on some shiny, sleek pants with a form-fitting top! If you aren’t a fan of long sleeves, wear a sleeveless top with brightly colored shiny pants instead.[4]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 3.jpeg
    • For instance, try wearing a pair of shiny blue pants with a teal tube top or sleeveless shirt. For a bold long-sleeve option, try a black shirt paired with some bright red pants.
  4. Stay relaxed and comfortable in some bell bottoms. Dress down for a disco party by pairing a funky top with some classic bell bottoms. Don’t feel limited to just wearing blue bell bottoms; instead, try creating a theme with your outfit.[5]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 4.jpeg
    • For example, try pairing a dark, sleeveless top with some pink paisley patterned bell bottoms! For a more masculine look, try wearing a light yellow dress shirt with some gold pants.
    • To really embody the 70s look, try choosing high-waisted pants.[6]
  5. Stand out in a mini-skirt or midi-skirt. Pick a form-fitting mini-skirt if you’d rather wear something short and form-fitting. If you’d prefer a skirt that goes down to your thighs, opt for a midi-skirt instead. Make your outfit extra funky by choosing a skirt with a fun pattern, like leopard print.[7]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 5.jpeg
    • If you don’t want your legs to get cold, try pairing your skirt with a pair of opaque tights.[8]
  6. Put on a wrap dress if you’d like something more convenient. If you want a last-minute fix for your disco party, try on a wrap dress. Choose this option if you plan on dancing a lot, or if you’d prefer to wear something fancier than a jumpsuit. If you don’t like sleeveless dresses and shirts, then this might not be the outfit for you. Keep in mind that, unlike other dancing dresses, the wrap dress usually goes down to your knees.[9]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 6.jpeg
    • Wrap dresses are unique since they’re often made of 2 different fabric colors. They also come with a cord that you can use to tighten the garment around your waist.
    • For example, try pairing a burgundy and light pink wrap dress with a pair of wine-colored high heels.
  7. Choose a dancing dress if you’d prefer a traditional option. Unlike spandex and leotards, dancing dresses allow you to look feminine without appearing too gaudy. Look especially striking at the party by choosing a dress in a bright, solid color.[10]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 7 Version 2.jpeg
    • For instance, try wearing a bright red dancing dress with white, high-heeled sandals.
    • If you’d prefer a dress with long sleeves, try wearing a Qiana dress, which features long sleeves along with a thigh-high skirt. Opt for a plain look by choosing a dress in a solid color. If you’d like to spice things up, look for a garment that comes in a fun pattern.
  8. Wear a white shirt and blue jeans for a quick and easy outfit. Opt for a more timeless look by wearing a traditional shirt and jeans, or something similar. If you want to add a splash of color to your look, go for a multicolored shirt along with a pair of flared jeans. Add some extra pizazz to your ensemble with a chunky belt as well![11]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 8.jpeg
    • For example, try wearing a brown and yellow patterned shirt with some blue jeans, accompanied by a chunky brown belt.
  9. Look extra suave by wearing a disco shirt. Bridge the gap between fancy and casual by wearing a fun, flowing disco shirt. While still paired with nice pants, you can look a lot more relaxed and laid back by wearing a disco shirt. If you want to dress up a little more, wear some neutral-toned slacks with your shirt. If you’d rather dress down, opt for some blue jeans instead.[12]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 9.jpeg
    • For instance, pair a black and grey patterned disco shirt with a pair of grey slacks and some nice loafers.

[Edit]Choosing Items with a Disco Vibe

  1. Dress up in bright, flashy colors to stand out at the party. Get in the spirit of the disco era by wearing a variety of fun, bright colors. Don’t worry about your colors clashing or looking too out-of-place—at the disco, all colors are welcome! If you’re feeling especially bold, opt for metallic or sequined clothes to make your outfit sparkle.[13]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 10.jpeg
    • For instance, try pairing a bright orange, form-fitting crop top with a pair of dark blue bell-bottoms.
  2. Pick clothing made of Spandex to wear something fun and flexible. Go to a disco party in maximum comfort by incorporating spandex into your outfit. You can find Spandex in a variety of different clothing items, including jumpsuits, jeans, and tops. Mix and match until you find the perfect outfit![14]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 11.jpeg
    • Viscose rayon is also a great option if you like to wear a lot of patterned fabric.[15]
  3. Choose accessories with classic 70s symbols to embody the disco spirit. Pay homage to the disco era with a variety of classic symbols on the accessories, such as a peace sign or disco ball. Try to find shirts or other articles of clothing printed with these popular symbols. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, order a cheap disco ball online and bring it to the party![16]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 12.jpeg
    • If you want to take a more musical theme with your costume, wear some vintage tees of famous 70s bands like ABBA or the Village People.
  4. Select fringed fabrics for an extra funky vibe. Look for clothing and accessories that have an element of fringe, or dangly decorations. You can find many vests and boots with fringe, in addition to pants as well as other items of clothing. While not as stereotypical as a jumpsuit or pair of hot pants, fringed clothing and accessories are a great way to add an extra layer of cultural depth to your disco attire.[17]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 13.jpeg
  5. Try on clothing with bright and fun patterns. Take advantage of the disco era’s bright and flamboyant fashion style by opting for patterned clothing and accessories. If you’re looking for a more feminine style, choose a shirt or dress with a paisley pattern. If you’d prefer a more retro look, opt for a Hawaiian shirt instead.[18]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 14.jpeg
    • Animal and floral prints are also great pattern options for a disco costume.

[Edit]Doing Your Makeup and Hair

  1. Apply heavy layers of pastel makeup for a classic disco look. Use a small makeup brush to pack a lot of pastel eyeshadow on your eyelids. To really exaggerate the look, brush some product above the crease, stopping right beneath the brow bone. If you want to go for a bolder look, try an eyeshadow in robin’s egg blue or lime green.[19]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 15.jpeg
    • If you’d like to get some makeup inspiration, look online for images of fashion magazine covers and makeup advertisements from the 1970s.
  2. Add some face gems to make your face shine. Stand out from the crowd by decorating your face with rhinestones. Use a skin-safe adhesive to glue the gems into a fun shape or pattern, and let the disco lights do the rest! If you want to look especially bold, try using larger and chunkier rhinestones.[20]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 16 Version 2.jpeg
    • Silver or diamond rhinestones are a great color that go with almost any outfit.
  3. Wear thick eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Imitate some musical greats of the disco era by applying heavy amounts of dark eyeliner around your eyes. Don’t worry about looking out-of-place at the party, since disco is all about bold and exciting looks! If you don’t want to apply too much product, start by giving yourself dramatic wings around the corners of your eyes.[21]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 17.jpeg
  4. Feather your hair into layers for a chic, feminine look. Get ready for a disco party by layering your hair in large wispy sections. If you don’t want to mess up your natural hair, search online for wigs that have feather layers. If you’re styling your natural hair, keep in mind that feathered layers long best on people with shoulder-length hair.
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 18.jpeg
    • For inspiration, look up pictures of Farrah Fawcett online.
  5. Part your hair down the center for a traditional 70s hairstyle. Save some time by going for a simpler but classic 70s look. If you’d prefer not to spend a lot of time on fancy updos, use the narrow end of a comb to part your bangs down the middle of your head. Make sure that you have equal amounts of hair on each side of your face.[22]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 19.jpeg
    • Keep in mind that this style is easiest for people without short bangs. If you have shorter bangs, keep them front and center.
  6. Go for a mullet or surfer hairstyle to look like a rockstar. Embody the cool vibe of the disco era by making your hair loose and free. If you don’t feel like going to a lot of trouble, tousle your neck or shoulder-length hair so it looks messy, or like you’ve just come from the beach. If you’d rather give off a more classic look, opt for a mullet instead.[23]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 20.jpeg
    • If you don’t want to style your hair in a mullet, try purchasing a mullet wig online instead.

[Edit]Finding Funky Accessories and Shoes

  1. Slip on a pair of sunglasses for a retro vibe. Make your outfit look even funkier by accessorizing with sunglasses! While any sunglasses will do, opt for sunglasses with large, round lenses. Additionally, look for glasses with bulky frames and colored lenses to add some flair to your costume![24]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 21.jpeg
    • For a unique look, choose glasses with ovular or circular frames!
  2. Include a headband in your outfit to add a burst of color. Round out your disco costume with a fun head accessory, like a brightly colored or patterned headband. Choose a headband that fits the circumference of your head, or that ties easily around your scalp. If you want to be extra fancy, look for a headband with fake jewels or other fun add-ons![25]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 22.jpeg
    • If you’d prefer a more natural look, consider wearing a leather band, some macrame decorations, or hair flowers instead!
  3. Accompany your fun outfit with a stylish handbag. Switch out your traditional purse or clutch for a fun, shiny handbag! A shiny, disco-era handbag can really tie your outfit together, whether you‘re using it as an accessory or as a means to carry your wallet. Pick something fun and funky, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box![26]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 23.jpeg
    • If you aren’t a fan of handbags, opt for a coin purse, wrist canteen, or binocular case instead.
  4. Adorn your neck with a colorful scarf or feather boa. Add a pop of texture or color to your disco ensemble with a fashionable scarf accessory. If you’re going for a more traditional outfit, try for a solid-colored or printed scarf. If you’d prefer to make your ensemble extra funky, opt for a brightly-colored feather boa instead![27]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 24.jpeg
    • If scarves and boas aren’t your style, try grabbing a sequin sash or fan!
  5. Highlight your ensemble with large, chunky jewelry. Finish off your outfit with some especially flashy earrings and bracelets. If you really want to embody the disco spirit, try on some armbands or wrist cuffs! If you’re looking to round out your costume, then whisper chains and checkers are also an option.[28]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 25.jpeg
    • If you’d like to look extra fancy, finish off your outfit with a tiara or crown!
  6. Complete your look with a solid or bejeweled belt. Balance out your costume around the waist by wearing a neutral-toned or multi-colored belt. If you’re going for a themed outfit, a belt can really make your ensemble pop! For a simpler look, opt for a braided leather or beaded accessory. If you’d prefer to stand out, choose a shiny vinyl, velvet, or rhinestone-encrusted belt.[29]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 26.jpeg
    • If you’re wearing a full body outfit, like a jumpsuit, consider tying off the garment with a fabric sash.
  7. Add some height to your outfit with platform shoes. Be the tallest person in the room by slipping on some platform shoes. If you can’t decide what kind of style to go for, platform shoes are great starting point. If you want to try a more simple look, opt for chunky platform loafers that only rise . If you want to go for a bolder style, try on some platform boots or sandals that rise several inches or centimeters.[30]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 27.jpeg
    • For a classic disco look, pair a jumpsuit with a set of platform loafers or boots.
    • Alternatively, pair a sleeveless white dancing dress with a pair of high-heeled sandals. If you’d like to add more color to the outfit, try a more brightly colored dress with more colorful shoes.
  8. Pick out some golf shoes for a classy look. Complete a more formal disco outfit with some monochromatic golf shoes. Unlike many other accessories and outfit choices of the disco era, golf shoes help you look ready for the party without seeming gaudy. For an especially formal look, try pairing golf shoes with slacks or a nice suit.[31]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 28.jpeg
    • For instance, wear a pair of black and white golf shoes with a black or white disco suit.
  9. Wear some loafers to give off a more traditional vibe. Being at a disco party doesn’t mean that your whole outfit has to be funky and over-the-top! If you want to put more emphasis on your shirt and pants, slip on some loafers to round out your outfit. You can also try on some loafers with a jumpsuit or disco suit if you’d like to make a statement.[32]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 29.jpeg
    • For example, try wearing an all white disco suit with a pair of white loafers. You can also pair some neutral-toned loafers with a funky disco shirt and a dark pair of slacks or bell-bottoms.
  10. Try on some tall boots to show off your legs. You don’t have to choose an outfit with a long skirt or pant legs—instead, pair some tall boots with a miniskirt, or a tight set of hot pants. Feel free to jazz up your outfit with some color, too! If you’re wearing a brightly colored top, feel free to wear a pair of colorful, knee-length boots to match.[33]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 30.jpeg
    • For instance, pair some navy blue and teal boots with a teal top, along with some matching hot pants
    • Fringed boots are also a fun fashion trend you can take advantage of for disco parties!
    • Despite the name, hot pants look more like shorts, and only reach the top of your thighs.


  • Most disco clothing and accessories can be purchased online. Some outfits, like jumpsuits, are still sold in clothing stores; however, they won’t be the same style as a disco jumpsuit.


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How to Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family

Spending New Year's Eve with at home with your family can be a fantastic opportunity to bond, have fun together, and bring in the New Year with your loved ones. With all the possibilities for fun food, drinks, games and activities, spending New Year’s Eve at home can be a real treat.


[Edit]Planning Food and Drinks For the Night

  1. Make a homemade meal. Considering that ordering out on New Year's Eve often costs more (since prices are usually increased for the holiday), this is a good excuse to splurge a little and make a family meal at home. Pick out dinner food that everyone enjoys but you don’t get a chance to have very often, like steak, chili, or lobster. This family meal can turn into a New Year’s Eve tradition.
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 1 Version 4.jpg
    • You could also consider making a meal out of appetizers.[1] This could lead to a more casual dinner setup, and the kids will like having the ability to pick and choose different kinds of food.[2]
    • Cheese fondue is another fun dinner idea for New Year’s Eve.[3] Eating cheese fondue with bits of bread and meats will require everyone to sit and eat together. You can take turns dipping your food into the cheese and tell stories from the past year as you eat.
  2. Make fun snacks and desserts. Consider making cookies, toffee, or other desserts that you can make together as a family and eat throughout New Year’s Eve night.[4] You can get even more in the New Year’s spirit by making New Year’s specific desserts. Lots of cultures have New Year’s Eve desserts like Vasilopita, a Greek New Year’s Eve cake baked with a coin hidden in the dough.[5] Whoever gets the piece of cake with the coin will have good luck for the upcoming year.
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 2 Version 4.jpg
    • Marshmallow countdown skewers are another fun dessert idea. Each marshmallow has two or three numbers drawn on with edible ink, and you can eat the marshmallows as you count down to midnight.[6]
    • A fun idea for New Year’s Eve kid friendly drinks are milk and cookie toasts. The kids can join in on the New Year’s toasts by clinking their milk glasses together and eating their cookies as they toast.[7]
  3. Make some holiday drinks and mocktails. Kids will love having hot cocoa, fruity soda pop, and sparkling grape juice on New Year’s Eve. You can even make other mocktails like strawberry-kiwi spritzers, cranberry sparklers, and peppermint drinks.[8] Be sure to use plastic champagne flutes or other plastic “adult” like glasses to make the kids feel really special.[9] Adults can make their own specialty drinks, or stick with classic champagne.
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 3 Version 4.jpg
    • If you or family members are starting to feel tired, consider making some fun coffee drinks with and without alcohol.[10]

[Edit]Having Fun Throughout The Night

  1. Have a family game night. Bring out board games, card games, and electronic games, and even group video games to play as you wait for the clock to strike midnight.[11] You could make up game tournaments, or try to play all the games at least once during the night.
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 4 Version 4.jpg
  2. Have a movie night. Pop in a movie you already have at home or rent a movie that you all have been wanting to see. Watching a movie can be just one aspect of your New Year’s Eve plans, or you can turn it into a movie marathon. During this time you can eat and drink different snacks that you have prepared for the night.[12]
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 5 Version 4.jpg
    • You can also use this time to watch old home videos and reminisce on good times.[13] Depending on how many home videos you have, you can make it a dinner time activity, or have them playing throughout the night.
  3. Create a New Year’s Eve photo booth. Arrange an area of your home to be the photo booth stage. Find a wall or background that you can use as a backdrop, and decorate it with some holiday decorations or your written resolutions.[14] You could even print out some masquerade type costume pieces, and have your very own photo props.[15]
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 8 Version 3.jpg
  4. Play dress up.[16] Bring out everyone’s best clothes and make everyone in the family feel like they are a part of a fancy New Year’s Eve party or ball. You could play music, dance, and everyone’s fancy outfits can make for some great photos.[17]
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 7 Version 3.jpg
  5. Make countdown bags to open every hour. Fill small bags with different snacks and goodies to open up at every hour leading up to midnight.[18] You can make as many bags as you want depending on how early you want to start opening the bags. Some ideas for bag fillers include:
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 6 Version 4.jpg
    • Disposable cameras[19]
    • Activity tags: watch a movie, eat ice cream, play a game, etc.[20]
    • Craft kits[21]
    • Candy
  6. Make your own New Year’s Eve decorations. Make your own party hats with some construction paper, string and decorating supplies.[22] You can also make your own New Year’s Eve noisemakers by putting rice, confetti, and glitter inside empty water bottles. Simply twist on the cap and shake to loudly bring in the New Year.[23] Consider making a balloon drop for when the clock strikes midnight:[24]
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 9 Version 3.jpg
    • Simply blow up balloons, and create netting around an overhead fan with some tape and wrapping paper or fabric.
    • Place all the balloons inside the netting, and release the balloons whenever you plan to ring in the New Year.[25]

[Edit]Celebrating The New Year

  1. Reflect on the past year and make resolutions together. Around midnight or throughout the night in general, you and your family can gather together and reminisce over where the past year has taken each of you individually, and as whole family. After, make and share resolutions for the New Year and what you hope to achieve. You can even try to make a resolution as a family and be each other’s accountability partners.[26][27]
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 10 Version 3.jpg
  2. Celebrate the New Year in a different time zone. If there are younger children, it may be hard for them to stay awake all the way until midnight. Consider celebrating the New Year with a different country’s midnight. For example, depending on where you are in the world, try ringing in the New Year with New York, Paris or Greenland.[28] That way, the kids can still celebrate the festivities, but also get to sleep at an earlier hour.
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 11 Version 3.jpg
    • To take it a step further, you can make whatever country's New Year you're celebrating the theme for the night.[29] If you want to celebrate Paris’ New Year, have crepes, fondue, quiche, wine, and cheeses.
  3. Sing, make toasts and celebrate. When the clock strikes midnight, everyone should have their drinks prepared to toast, embrace, and wish each other a Happy New Year. After midnight, you can all sing the song, “Auld Lang Syne” which is typically associated with ringing in the New Year.[30] This is the time to bring out the homemade noisemakers and bang on some pots and pans.[31]
    Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family Step 12 Version 3.jpg
    • If the weather permits, go outside and light sparklers and watch fireworks as you hoop and holler celebrating the new year.[32]


  • Forgo the parties you really don't want to attend, and don't take on too many responsibilities. Instead, leave ample time for you and your family to have fun together.
  • If you're ordering in, make sure you do so early to avoid the rush of many people choosing to do the same thing!
  • Take care of anyone who seems bored or upset by spending the evening with the family. Teens and young adults especially can feel that they're missing out on all the fun if they feel stuck at home. Listen to them and ask them about their past year and what they're looking forward to – this can be a good chance for some family bonding.
  • Some people like to have the TV countdown on in the background with the sound turned down; this helps everyone to keep an eye on the time. A radio show is also a good choice.
  • There is no obligation to stay up until midnight. No doubt there will be some family members who don't hang around all night! If you feel tired and want to nod off earlier, feel free to; it'll be next year when you wake up and you can hold your own morning ritual to greet the New Year.
  • Consider setting off fireworks if its permitted within an area.


  • If you spend the entire evening regretting being with the family and thinking that you ought to be doing something more exciting, then you'll have a hard time living in the moment and appreciating its value. It's going to be a lot easier and more fun if you accept that staying at home is just another fun way to spend New Year's Eve. Remember all that you won't have to put up with, things like long lines for taxis, drunken brawls, crowds acting crazy, and being slobbered all over by people who insist on kissing everyone as the New Year rings in!
  • Ensure responsible drinking in the household.
  • If you play loud music, be considerate of the neighbors. Even if it's New Year's Eve, some people still have babies and illnesses to contend with.

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How to Open a Champagne Bottle

Opening a champagne bottle is a powerful celebration ritual. The effect is grand, but the act of opening the bottle can be tricky if you haven't done it before. You'll need to twist the bottle, hold the cork, and gently push the cork out of the bottle. Make sure to keep a firm grip on the cork unless you want a champagne shower! Aim for a "sigh," not a "pop."[1]


[Edit]Opening the Bottle

  1. Remove the foil and the metal cage. First, tear off the foil wrap that covers the cork. Then, untwist the wire loop to loosen the wire cage that protects the cork. Be gentle and take your time. Keep a thumb on the cork to head off an accidental pop.[2]
    Open a Champagne Bottle Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    • Do not remove the wire cage until you are about to open the bottle! Otherwise, you may risk the bottle uncorking before you are ready. The cage is there to protect the cork.
  2. Hold the bottle properly. Grip the body of the bottle in your dominant hand. Wedge the bulbous end of the cork deep into the palm of your non-dominant hand.[3]
    Open a Champagne Bottle Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • Support the base of the bottle against your hip. If you're holding the bottle in your right hand, use your right hip or the right side of your torso.[4]
    • Consider holding the cork with a kitchen towel. This can help you apply friction, making it easier to catch and contain the cork as it pops out of the bottle. The towel may also protect against a spill.[5]
  3. Twist the bottle and hold the cork. Slowly rotate the bottle back and forth with your dominant hand. Keep holding the cork steady with your non-dominant hand. As the cork turns, gradually increase the distance between your hands until your dominant hand is midway down the bottle.

  4. Pop the bottle. Decide what effect you're trying to achieve. If you're indoors or around a lot of people, make sure to take out the cork gently to avoid damage. If you want the dramatic effect of a champagne shower, then you can open the bottle with a mighty pop and send the cork flying high through the air. If you are opening champagne for a classy occasion: aim for a "sigh," not a "pop."

    • Opening gently: Slow down your twisting toward the end, once the cork is almost out. Grasp the cork firmly. Press your thumb up from beneath the lip of the cork until it slides smoothly out of the bottle. Keep your grip on the cork, and "catch it" so that it doesn't fly away. Try to do it so gently that the cork doesn't make a popping sound.[6]
    • Popping dramatically: Use your thumb to push the cork out from beneath the lip. Shake the bottle to stir up the carbonation, if you want a bit of a mess and a lot of added effect. Aim the bottle away from yourself, your friends, and any breakable items in the near vicinity. Avoid trying this method until you're comfortable opening a champagne bottle gently!

[Edit]Following Champagne Etiquette

  1. Chill the bottle before opening. Store in the refrigerator, a cooler, or an ice bucket. Give it at least a few hours to ensure that the contents are completely chilled. Not only will this improve the taste, but it will make the bottle less likely to spray champagne everywhere.[7]
    Open a Champagne Bottle Step 5 Version 2.jpg
  2. Open carefully in formal settings. Keep a firm grip on the cork so that it doesn't fly away unexpectedly. Slowly twist the bottle—not the cork—until the cork is almost out of the bottle. Listen for the almost inaudible "sigh" of the cork coming loose.[8] Then, pull it out delicately using entire palm of your hand. Hold the cork over the opened bottle for a few seconds to make sure that the foam doesn't bubble over.[9]

    • If you are serving champagne as a waiter or a caterer, it is usually considered proper etiquette to open the bottle as unobtrusively as possible. Do not spray, and do not let the cork fly. Practice until you can do it without so much as a "pop."
  3. Avoid shaking the bottle. Champagne is a carbonated beverage stored under pressure. When you shake the bottle, you build up that pressure to dangerous levels. Opening a highly-pressurized champagne bottle will unleash a mighty spout of champagne and send the cork flying forward at high velocity.[10]

    • If you do accidentally shake the bottle, let it sit still for an hour or two so that the contents have time to settle. The CO2 will absorb back into the drink more quickly if the champagne is cold.[11]
  4. Pour slowly. Champagne is carbonated, and the bubbly liquid rises quickly when poured into a glass. Don't spill and waste champagne – especially if you are serving someone else![12]

    • Hold the glass upright. Do not slant it to pour.
    • Fill a third of each glass with champagne. Then, top up the servings once you've poured a bit for everybody.[13]
    • Do not touch the spout onto the rim of anyone's glass. Champagne is often stored in cellars, and in some circles it is considered poor etiquette to risk dirtying someone's glass.


  • The less sound the better. Ideally, a small hiss is all you'll hear. This means your wine was adequately chilled, and that you are not risking your precious beverage overflowing all over the ground!


  • Do not let go of the cork as you pull it out. It can shoot out at high velocity. If the cork is aimed in the wrong direction, it might break a valuable object or seriously hurt somebody. Do not point the bottle at yourself or others while opening.
  • Do not let go of the body of the bottle as the cork is coming out. The bottle can shoot off towards the ground and break.
  • Do not pry the cork or use a corkscrew to open the bottle.
  • Do NOT attempt to open a bottle which is not completely chilled. A warm or room-temperature bottle is more likely to pop and spray all over the place. Make sure you chill your champagne bottle before opening it.

[Edit]Things You'll Need

  • Chilled champagne
  • Kitchen towel
  • Champagne glasses

[Edit]Related wikiHows


[Edit]Quick Summary

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Monday, 30 December 2019

How to Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve

If you’re used to going to bed early, it can be tough to stay awake until midnight on New Year’s Day. No one wants to fall asleep too early to see the ball drop. This year, keep your eyes open long enough to countdown to the New Year!


[Edit]Staying Active

  1. Talk to people. If you’re around friends or family for New Year’s, make conversation with them to stay awake. Keep your mind entertained by being social.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 01.jpg
    • Listen to their stories.
    • Laugh at their jokes.
    • Talk to them about their interests.
  2. Stay on your feet. Dance, walk around the house or even challenge your friends to a push up contest. Whatever you do, just make sure not to sit or lay down. You don’t want to get too comfortable or you might end up drifting off to sleep.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 02.jpg
  3. Do fun things. Play games with your friends and family. Play pranks on people. Take turns making New Year’s resolutions with everyone. Do anything that entertains your mind and keeps you up.[1]
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 03.jpg
    • If it's legal in your city, shooting off fireworks can be really exciting. Just be very careful around fire and supervise little kids.
    • Taking pictures of everyone in funny poses can make for a really great time.
  4. Help out. If you’re at a party, you can help the cook prepare food for everyone. You can even play bartender and make cocktails for everyone. Volunteer to clean up a bit as well. Not only will helping out ingratiate you with the host, it will keep your mind focused and awake.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 04.jpg

[Edit]Fighting the Sleepiness

  1. Use caffeine. Caffeine blocks sleep inducing neurotransmitters in your brain to keep you awake.[2] When you start to feel yourself getting sleepy, drink a cup of coffee or something else with caffeine. Avoid caffeine in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve as it becomes less effective with overuse.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 05.jpg
    • Most sodas have caffeine.
    • Energy drinks like Redbull and Monster have a lot of caffeine.
    • Some dark chocolates contain caffeine.
  2. Change your body temperature. Vary your body temperature from hot to cold to jolt yourself into alertness. The shock will give your body and mind an instant burst of energy.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 06.jpg
    • Splash some cold water on your face.[3]
    • Take a quick shower. Switch the water from cold to hot and then back again to wake your body up and improve your circulation.
    • You can get a similar effect by chewing ice or drinking a cold beverage.
  3. Flip on the light switch. It will be harder for you to fall asleep with all the lights on. Make your environment is as bright as possible.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 07.jpg
    • You may want to move to a different room and turn the lights on there to avoid bothering other people.
  4. Listen to music. Put on your favorite upbeat tune and let it energize your spirit. Turn up the volume as loud as you can.[4]
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 08.jpg
    • Use headphones if there’s other people around
    • Avoid slow songs that could relax you to sleep.
  5. Get some fresh air. If you’re with a lot of people on New Year’s Eve, the atmosphere may be very crowded. This can make the air very hot and humid which can make you very sleepy.[5] Go outside to get some fresh oxygen to rejuvenate yourself.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 09.jpg
  6. Enjoy a film. Watch a really fun film to engage your senses. A good action film will wipe away your sleepiness and keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 10.jpg
    • Avoid films that are too long or slow. Keeping up with a long, complicated plot can leave you feeling drained.
  7. Use peppermint oil. The smell of peppermint can wake up your senses. Rub some oil on your hands, temples and upper lip. The smell may be very strong, so you might have to keep your distance from people for a while.[6]
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 11.jpg
    • Strong citrus scents can also do the trick.
    • Don’t use lavender, it can be too relaxing.

[Edit]Preparing to Stay Awake

  1. Eat nutritious foods throughout the day. Eat vitamin rich foods that will give you energy. You’ll need plenty of Vitamin C and B and omega-3 fatty acids to give yourself the energy to stay awake. Avoid foods with tryptophan like turkey that can make you feel tired and sluggish.[7]
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 12.jpg
    • Salmon and walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and will boost your metabolism.
    • Oranges and other citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin C.
    • Eggs and beans are very B vitamin rich.
    • Eat small meals often to keep your metabolism running. Larger meals can make you sluggish.
  2. Get a full eight hours of sleep the night before. Make sure your body has enough sleep to operate. It will be really hard to have enough energy to stay awake on New Year’s Eve if you’re sleep deprived from the night before.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 13.jpg
    • Don’t over do it. Sleeping too much can make you feel groggy.
  3. Take a walk. Low-impact exercise can give you extra energy. Take a thirty minute walk on New Year’s Eve to get your blood pumping and help you stay awake.[8] The sunlight you get from outside will also help your body absorb Vitamin D.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 14.jpg
    • Keep it light. Heavy exercise can burn you out and make you feel tired.
  4. Take a nap. If you’re worried you still won’t be able to make it to midnight, take a nap in the middle of the day. Set an alarm to make sure you don’t oversleep. A short nap of forty-five minutes or less will leave you feeling energized. If you go longer, it could make you more tired.
    Stay Awake Until Midnight on New Year's Eve Step 15.jpg
    • If you have time, a ninety minute nap will allow your body to get through a rem sleep cycle which can make up for some sleep you’ll be losing on New Year’s.


  • Always keep your mind occupied to stay awake.
  • Ask a friend to wake you up in advance just in case you do fall asleep.
  • Chew gum or put a mint in your mouth to engage your senses and wake your body up.
  • Get up and move around. Try not to sit or lay down because you might get too comfortable and accidentally fall asleep.


  • Don’t start drinking caffeine too early, or your energy level will crash.
  • Try not to eat turkey, there is a chemical which will make you drowsy.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol. It will make you extremely drowsy.


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