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Saturday, 7 April 2018

These Kitten Videos Are So Effing Cute They'll Make You Wanna Scream


First, there's this kitten who just loves a good book.

Instagram: @cat_deborkader

There's this little purrito that's better than Chipotle ever was.


There's this cat who just wants to shower a prairie dog in kisses.

Instagram: @sanderszoo

This clique that's more in sync than NSYNC.

Instagram: @bethostern

And this group of ladies who are more coordinated than you.

Instagram: @cat_deborkader

There's this enthralling battle between Cat vs. Mirror.

Instagram: @vincent__vinnie

And this one between Cat vs. Printer.

Instagram: @fosterkittensofpasadena

And this little muffin who's adorably polite.

Instagram: @yachimon3

How about this cutie who's such a good girl for conquering the stairs?!


And this little bb who loves to play games.

Instagram: @c_chan_chan

There's this lion-in-the-making who needs a little more practice.

Instagram: @fosterkittensofpasadena

And this Bengal who LOVES a good shower.

Instagram: @bengalcat_bear

There's this fluffy bunny who's still figuring out the function of walls.

Instagram: @family_cubby

And this beauty who loves a good groom.

Instagram: @family_colin

How about this baby button wrapped in a donut blanket?!

Instagram: @youngestoldcatlady

This kitty who thinks legs are trees.

Instagram: @nao_co5

And of course, the newest students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Instagram: @family_colin

Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday!


from BuzzFeed - Animals https://ift.tt/2uP3oGw

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