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Saturday, 23 October 2021

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

People use crystals to find mental and spiritual peace, and many believe spiritual energy within crystals can help with physical healing. Just like you might feel drained from time to time, crystals need to recharge and replenish their energy, too. Cleansing crystals washes away negativity, and charging them refills the force that makes these stones so grounding and powerful. Programming crystals allows you to align your energy with theirs so they can help you work towards your visions and goals. There’s an abundance of cleansing and charging methods out there, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide for you. As you read on, understand there’s no “wrong” or “best” way to charge your crystals, so choose the methods that resonate with your heart, energy, and intentions today.


[Edit]Cleansing Your Crystals

  1. Use running water to refresh your crystals. Just like we shower or bathe to wash off negative energy, washing crystals allows negativity to flow into the water and run down the drain. Hold your crystals under any kind of running water (even your sink tap) for about a minute.[1][2]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 1.jpg
  2. Submerge your crystals in salt water for healing. This method promotes cleansing the same way that salt water promotes cleansing for cuts.[3]Use Himalayan salt or Celtic salt, and soak your crystals for a few minutes to an hour.
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 2.jpg
    • This method also combines the elemental forces of water and earth, since salt is considered a pure form of earth.
    • Don’t do this with blue/black kyanite, or selenite since they’ll dissolve in water. Similarly, hematite will rust in water.[4]
  3. Place your crystals on snow to promote meditation and reflection. When fresh snow falls over the earth, it creates a beautiful blank canvas for nature. Cleaning your crystals with snow allows them to reset and find stillness. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to snow, gather some pure snow into a bowl. Set your crystals on top of the snow and let them soak in until you sense their energy has been refreshed.[5]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 3.jpg
    • Only use crystals that will not dissolve or rust in water. Don’t use black/blue kyanite, selenite, or hematite.
  4. Cover your crystals with earth for stability. Earth is an element of beauty, steady change, and growth. When you’re feeling a little anxious or need to reconnect with your body, let your crystals rest in the soil. Bury them outside in the dirt and leave them overnight.[6]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 4.jpg
    • Crystals that resonate with earth energy include red jasper, mookaite jasper, and black tourmaline.[7]
    • Don’t bury blue/black kyanite or selenite because those crystals may dissolve from the moisture in the ground.
  5. Submerge your crystals in a bowl of dry salt for earth energy. This is a great earth energy alternative for crystals that can’t be submerged in salt water or moist ground. Fill a bowl with Himalayan or Celtic salt. If possible, take the bowl out of your house to leave behind any negative energy. Let the crystals sit for 24 hours.[8][9]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 5.jpg
    • Feel free to add herbs like rosemary to the salt bath.[10]
    • You can also small clearing/grounding crystals like hematite.[11]
  6. Burn sage or Palo Santo for sacred energy. Tap into an ancient purifying tradition with this method. Simply hold each crystal and pass it over the smoke several times until you feel the negative energy lift.[12] As you perform the ritual, ask the sacred smoke to clear the crystals of their energy. Likewise, ask the crystals to release the energy they’re holding.[13]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 6.jpg
    • Perform this ritual outside or open your windows to prevent your smoke alarm from going off.
  7. Purify and charge your crystals simultaneously with sound. Play healing music (you can find crystal cleansing compilations online) or use healing bowls. Healing bowls are special instruments that produce powerful resonant harmonics when played. Set your crystals in an arc around the speaker or healing bowl so they can absorb the vibration as you play the music.[14]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 7.jpg
  8. Lay your crystals on a slab of selenite for clarity and protection. Selenite is a powerful crystal named after the Greek moon goddess Selene. As a result, it has strong connections to lunar cycles and divine femininity.[15] Set a selenite log on a flat surface and let your crystals sit on the selenite log overnight.[16]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 8.jpg

[Edit]Charging Your Crystals

  1. Set your crystals in the moonlight for calm, intuitive energy. Moonlight gives off a soft, feminine energy. Allow your crystals to charge by setting them on a windowsill or leaving them outside overnight.[17]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 9.jpg
    • Charging crystals in moonlight is great for reflection and healing.[18]
  2. Place the crystals in the sunlight for active energy. The sun represents invigorating, masculine energy. Simply set your crystals by a sunny window or outside where they’ll be exposed to the vibrant rays.[19][20]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 10.jpg
    • For balanced yin-yang energy, place the crystals outside for 24 hours to experience both sun and moon forces.
    • Do not charge rose quartz and amethyst in the sun. The sun can fade their color.[21]
  3. Set your crystals outside during an eclipse for power. Allowing your crystals to soak up the energy of an eclipse (or another astrological event) is an incredibly strong way to charge them. This method will magnify their energies.[22]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 11.jpg
  4. Make a charging circle to connect multiple energies. Point cleansed rock crystals (not tumbled crystals) towards one specific crystal you’d like to charge. You can leave the crystal charging for as long as you’d like, but let it connect to the other crystals’ energy for at least 30 minutes.[23]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 12.jpg
  5. Rub the crystals in your hands to charge them quickly. Using your body heat to charge your crystals is a direct, easy way to activate their energy. Plus, you get to build and deepen your physical connection to the crystal.[24]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 13.jpg
  6. Charge your crystals with reiki for inner peace. Find a deep meditative state by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.[25] Picture a bright white light flowing into all the chakra points of your body. Point your palms towards the crystal and direct that energy towards the stone.[26]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 14.jpg

[Edit]Programming Your Crystals

  1. Hold one crystal in your non-dominant hand. Putting the crystal into your “receptive” hand will allow you to sense its energy. Keep it in your palm for a few minutes and ask yourself: “Does this make me feel calm or active?” If the crystal’s energy doesn’t match the intention you’d like to set, try another crystal.[27]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 15.jpg
    • The non-dominant hand is your receptive “yin” or moon hand.
    • Don’t rush the process. If you can’t sense the energy, carry the crystal around for a few days.
  2. Switch the crystal into your dominant hand. Your dominant hand is your “projective” hand, which sends energy into the crystal. That hand contains active “yang” sun energy.[28]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 16.jpg
  3. Close your eyes and visualize what you want to manifest. Use all five senses to imagine what you want in your life. Activating all five senses allows you to create a vivid new concept of what reality could be.[29]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 17.jpg
  4. Carry the crystal with you. You and your crystal both have an energy field, and you want to let those fields resonate. Wearing the crystal or putting it into your pocket allows you to absorb the vibration of the reality you manifested in the crystal. In turn, the universe will match the vibration you’re putting back out and return it to you.[30]
    Cleanse and Charge Crystals Step 18.jpg
    • Just remember, the universe won’t make your manifestations a reality on its own. For instance, if you’re hoping to find love, the universe won’t send a significant other to your door. However, if you go out and meet new people with your crystal, you might encounter new opportunities.[31]



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How to Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away

It's hard to know how to cheer up your friend when you can't be by their side. Thankfully, there are so many ways you can help that don't involve meeting in person. If you're looking for some ideas to help comfort a friend through hard times, this article is here to help. You'll have your BFF smiling again in no time!


[Edit]Text them to let them know that they’re on your mind.

  1. This simple gesture can really brighten your friend's day. If your friend is in need of comfort, send them frequent reminders that you're thinking of them. Tell them that you miss them and can't wait to see them again. Share that something reminded you of them in class that day. It will let your friend know that they're still very much a presence in your life even if they're far away.[1]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 1.jpg
    • Texting something like, "Thinking of you! Hope you're having a great day."
    • Send a video of yourself jamming to their favorite song. Say something like, "This came on the radio and it made me wish you were here so bad! Miss you."

[Edit]List why you think they’re special.

  1. If they've been down on themselves lately, they may need a reminder. Send them a list of all the reasons you think they're amazing. Whether it be their kind and compassionate nature, their sense of style, or their knack for finding the coolest music, tell them why you are so grateful to know them.[2]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 2.jpg
    • Preface your list with a text like, "Hey just in case you're wondering, these are all the reasons why I think you're the coolest!"

[Edit]Remind them of your favorite friendship memories.

  1. Help them remember all of the good times. Message them a random shared memory that always makes you smile. Next time you talk on the phone, reminisce with them about all of the fun experiences you two have had. It will hopefully brighten their mood and remind them of the positive things in life.
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 3.jpg
    • Call them out of the blue to share a memory that's on your mind. Say something like, "I just remembered when we wore those wild outfits to that school dance. What were we thinking?!"
    • Text them, "Do you ever think about all those over-the-top pranks we pulled on my little brother? Good times."

[Edit]Ask if there’s anything you can do to help.

  1. Different people prefer to be comforted in different ways. Ask if there's anything specific you can do to help your friend. The question alone will show that you care, and your friend will appreciate your kind offer.[3]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 4.jpg
    • Text them something like, "I'm sorry things have been rough. Is there anything I can do to help?"
    • While you're talking on the phone, say something like, "What can I do to help? I'm always here if you need anything."

[Edit]Message them a funny picture or meme.

  1. Provide a humorous distraction. Next time you see a funny cat picture online or a meme that you know your friend would like, send it their way. Avoid sending something funny during a deep discussion or right after your friend has confided in you, though. Wait for a more lighthearted conversation or send it randomly to start a new one.[4]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 5.jpg
    • Text your friend a SpongeBob meme with the caption, "Thought you would like this."
    • Message them a silly picture of your dog along with the text, "Toby misses you!"

[Edit]Schedule a virtual hangout.

  1. Make it more of an event than your usual phone calls and Skype dates. Watch a movie over Zoom or FaceTime together. Pick a recipe and make it in your respective kitchens. Schedule a virtual game night. It'll be a welcome distraction for your friend and will help remind them of all the fun you two can still have together.[5]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 6.jpg
    • Pick something that you know your friend will like and plan the event for them. It'll make them feel super valued to know that you went out of your way to cheer them up.
    • If you're feeling particularly festive, plan a virtual party for your pal and invite a few of your mutual friends.[6]

[Edit]Make them a playlist.

  1. Pick a bunch of music that's sentimental to your friendship. Alternatively, choose new songs that you think your friend will like. Either way, make it personal and unique to them. When in doubt, go for uplifting music that will make them feel good.[7]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 7.jpg
    • To stay in touch, make the playlist collaborative. That way, you both can keep adding music to share with each other.

[Edit]Mail them a letter or a postcard.

  1. This is a classic way to show someone that you care. First, draft what you want to include in your letter. Try things like updates about what's been going on in your life, all the reasons you miss them, and fond memories you have of the last time you hung out. When you decide what to include, write it out on some nice paper. Mail the letter to their address and text them that something is coming their way soon.[8]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 8.jpg
    • For a creative touch, write your message on a postcard. Find one with an image that reminds you of your friend.
    • For example, if you and your friend once hiked to a waterfall in your area, choose a postcard with a picture of that waterfall.

[Edit]Send them a gift.

  1. Surprise them with something special to make their day. Arrange for flowers to be delivered to their apartment. Mail them one of their favorite albums on vinyl. You don't have to go all out in terms of spending, either. A homemade gift, like a knitted scarf or a piece of artwork, will lift their spirits all the same.
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 9.jpg
    • Other ideas include a candle in a scent that you know they like, a gift card to a restaurant that they go to a lot, and a funny T-shirt that references their favorite show.

[Edit]Talk about the future.

  1. Envision what you'll do together when you're reunited. Even if you don't have a plan in the works, this can help your friend feel more hopeful. Brainstorm things you would love to do together, like taking a trip to a city you've never been to before, starting a band, or seeing your favorite artist in concert.[9]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 10.jpg
    • Make a friendship bucket list for all the things you want to try together.

[Edit]Make a plan to visit them.

  1. Schedule a trip to stay with them and help them in person. Though this might not always be feasible, it'll be a very welcome gesture if you can. Make travel arrangements to drive or fly to the city they live in. If that's too far away, agree to meet somewhere in the middle.[10]
    Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away Step 11.jpg
    • Once you plan the trip, count down the days on your calendar and share updates with your friend as it gets closer. Keep reminding them that there are fun things to look forward to in the future.


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How to Set Up a PayPal Account

PayPal is an online payment system that lets you shop without having to enter your credit or debit card information on the web. You can easily set up a PayPal account and start using it in a matter of minutes. This wikiHow teaches you how to create a new PayPal account and add a payment method so you can start spending, sending, and receiving money online.


[Edit]Creating an Account

  1. Go to https://www.paypal.com in a web browser. You can use any web browser to create your PayPal account.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 1 Version 5.jpg
    • If you'd prefer to use a mobile app on your phone or tablet, download the official PayPal app from the Apple App Store] or Google Play Store. You can always download the app after creating your account on PayPal's website.
  2. Click . It's one of two oval buttons in the upper-right corner of the page.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 2 Version 5.jpg
  3. Choose an account type and click . When signing up for PayPal, you'll have two account type options:
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 3 Version 5.jpg
    • Personal accounts are best for most people—they allow you to send and receive payments and shop wherever PayPal is accepted. To create a personal account, you'll need to provide your full name, address, phone number, and email address.[1]
    • If you run a business and want to accept PayPal at the register or on your website, select Business Account. You'll need to provide all of the same information as you would with a personal account, as well as your business EIN or SSN.[2]
    • You can always convert a personal account to a business account later, but you can't change a business account to a personal account.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number and click . When creating a personal account, you'll need to provide a mobile phone number to verify your account. As soon as you click Next, PayPal will send a confirmation code to that phone number via SMS.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 4 Version 5.jpg
    • If you're creating a business account, you'll be asked to enter your email address instead.[3]
  5. Enter the confirmation code to confirm. Once the code is confirmed, you'll be asked to enter additional information.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 5 Version 5.jpg
    • You can skip this step if you're creating a business account.
  6. Enter your personal or business details and create a password. The information you'll need to enter is a little different depending on the type of account you're creating. Enter all required information, including your full name, and create a secure password for your account.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 6 Version 5.jpg
    • If you're creating a personal account, be sure to use your full legal name to avoid any issues transferring money to and from your bank account. When you're finished entering information, click Next to continue.
    • If you're creating a business account, enter the address of your business and provide all additional requested details.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. After providing all details, you'll need to agree to PayPal's terms and policies before you can start using your account. Once you agree, you'll be ready to set up your account so you can send and receive money.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 7 Version 4.jpg
    • If you're creating a business account, you'll be asked to enter some more information about your business, such as providing the type of business you have.

[Edit]Adding a Payment Method

  1. Sign in to your new PayPal account. If you just created your account, you'll probably be asked if you want to link a bank account. But if not, you can go to https://www.paypal.com and click Log In to sign in now. The Log In button is in the upper-right corner of the page.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 8 Version 3.jpg
    • Once you add a payment method to PayPal, you can use it to send money
    • You can use PayPal without linking a bank account or debit card, but you'll only be able to send money to (and receive money from) other PayPal accounts. You can only transfer money from PayPal to you bank account if you've linked it.
  2. Click the tab. It's at the top of the page.[4]
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 9 Version 3.jpg
    • If you created a business account, click the Pay & Get Paid tab at the top and select Money from the menu.
  3. Click . This button is near the top of the page.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 10 Version 3.jpg
  4. Choose the type of account you want to link. You can add multiple payment methods if you wish, but for now, start with one.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 11 Version 2.jpg
    • Click Link a debit card or credit card to link any payment card. This option is geared toward making purchases online. You can also use this option to add a prepaid gift card from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
    • Click Link a bank account to link a bank account. This option lets you withdraw money from your PayPal account to your personal or business bank account.
  5. Select your bank if listed. If you chose to link a bank account or have a bank-issued debit or credit card, check to see if your bank is listed. You can use the search bar to search for it by name if you don't see its logo. If your bank is listed, you'll be able to enter your online banking login information to automatically link your account.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 12 Version 2.jpg
  6. Enter your account information. If you were able to select your bank from the list, follow the on-screen instructions to log in and confirm. If your bank wasn't listed, you'll have to enter the info manually:
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 13 Version 2.jpg
    • Checking or savings account: Type the account number and routing number when prompted. You'll find these numbers at the bottom of a check or on your banking statement.
    • Debit or credit card: Type the card number, expiration date, 3-digit CVC code, and other info when prompted.
  7. Click (bank account) or (credit/debit card). If you were able to sign in to your online banking system to link a bank account (or if you linked a credit or debit card), your payment method is now connected to PayPal.
    Set Up a PayPal Account Step 14 Version 2.jpg
    • If you typed your bank account number manually because your bank wasn't listed, check your bank account in 24-48 business hours. PayPal will make two small deposits into your account, totaling less than a dollar. You'll need to enter these two values in order to confirm that you are the owner of the bank account.
    • To confirm your deposits after 2 business days, log back in to PayPal, click the Wallet tab, select your bank, choose Link your bank another way, and enter the two amounts as they appear on your statement. Click Submit to confirm.

[Edit]Related wikiHows


[Edit]Quick Summary

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Friday, 22 October 2021

How to Become a Civil Rights Attorney

Civil rights attorneys focus on countering discrimination against individuals or groups. If you want to be a civil rights lawyer, you should be passionate about civil rights issues and really want to dedicate your life to defending people against discrimination and civil rights infringement. The process for becoming a civil rights attorney is similar to becoming any other type of lawyer, but there are things you can do to set yourself up for success in the field. We’ve put together answers to common questions you might have about becoming a civil rights attorney.


[Edit]What does a civil rights attorney do?

  1. Legally protects people against discrimination and harassment. Specifically, against discrimination and harassment because of physical or mental disabilities, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, age, or status as a member of the armed forces. Additionally, they fight to protect civil liberties like the right to privacy and the freedoms of speech and expression, thought and conscience, religion, the press, and movement.[1]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 1.jpg
    • Civil rights attorneys are often passionate about a particular group or cause and specialize in this area of civil rights.
    • For example, you might choose to focus on African American civil rights or gender identity issues.

[Edit]How many years of college are required?

  1. Typically, it takes 7 years of university to become a civil rights lawyer. It usually takes 4 years to earn a bachelor’s degree. After you complete a 4-year undergraduate program you have to go to law school for 3 years.[2]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 2.jpg
    • You might be able to complete your undergraduate program in less than 4 years if you take more than the required number of credits each semester.
    • Law school programs don’t allow you to set your own pace, but you might be able to find an accelerated program that takes less than 3 years.

[Edit]What degree do you need to be a civil rights lawyer?

  1. A bachelor’s degree from any discipline. Law schools accept applicants with undergraduate degrees in any field. However, certain subjects like political science, history, criminal justice, and philosophy can make you more prepared for law school.[3]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 3.jpg
    • Choose courses in political science and history that cover civil rights issues to help you prepare for your future as a civil rights lawyer.
    • Courses that teach you problem solving, critical thinking, writing/editing, oral communication, research, and organization/management can also help prepare you for a career in law.[4]
  2. A Juris Doctor Law degree. This is the degree that you earn after successfully completing a law school program. After you earn your J.D. Law degree, you can take the BAR exam, which you must pass to become a practicing attorney.[5]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 4.jpg
    • While in law school, take courses in constitutional law, civil rights litigation, employment discrimination, race and the law, human rights law, education law, family law, and disability law to help prepare you for a career as civil rights attorney.
    • Joining legal clinics, participating in MOOT courts, and applying for internships with law firms or civil rights organizations while you’re in law school are great ways to gain hands-on experience before you graduate.[6]

[Edit]Where can I study civil rights law?

  1. Many law schools offer courses in various aspects of civil rights law. Look for law schools that offer many courses about countering discrimination against people on the basis of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age, or pregnancy. Choose a law school that makes sense for you in terms of cost and location.[7]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 5.jpg
    • Once you have an idea of a few law schools you might like to attend, look into them further to determine if they offer legal clinics in areas of civil rights laws. Attending a law school where you can get hands-on experience in the field can help you succeed even more upon graduation.[8]
    • Some law schools with renowned civil rights law programs include New York University College of Law, Yale University Law School, Columbia Law School, University of Virginia Law School, and University of Michigan Law School, to name a few.

[Edit]Do civil rights lawyers go to court?

  1. Yes, the job description includes presenting cases to judges and juries. However, civil rights lawyers do a lot more than just go to court. You’re responsibilities may also include deciphering laws and rulings for people or businesses, negotiating settlements, formulating legal briefs, and investigating legal data.[9]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 6.jpg
    • Keep in mind that as a civil rights attorney you may be tasked with handling high-profile court cases. You should be ready for the possibility of being in the public eye in such a case.

[Edit]Do civil rights lawyers make a lot of money?

  1. Civil rights attorneys typically make between $69,000 and $145,000 a year. This varies depending on whether your work in the private sector or in the non-profit sector, with non-profit civil rights attorneys earning less. Naturally, entry-level civil rights lawyers make less than more experienced lawyers.[10]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 7.jpg
    • There are many other fields of law in which you can make a similar amount of money, so you should get into civil rights lawyers because you care about the issues, not just for the money.

[Edit]Where do civil rights attorneys work?

  1. Non-profit civil rights organizations. After you finish law school and pass the BAR exam, one option is to search for openings at local, national, or international civil rights nonprofits. Check the websites of various organizations for job openings for civil rights attorneys or reach out to different nonprofits and let them know you’re interested in working for them.[11]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 8.jpg
    • Some top non-profit civil rights organizations in the U.S. include the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), the National Organization for Women (NOW), and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
    • Amnesty International is one of the most well-known international civil rights nonprofits.
  2. Government agencies. There are various government agencies that are dedicated to civil rights. If you think you might like working for the government, research job openings on their websites and apply if you see any for civil rights attorney positions.[12]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 9.jpg
    • For example, in the U.S. government there are federal offices of civil rights in many departments including education, agriculture, justice, commerce, and homeland security, to name a few.
    • You can find a full list of U.S. federal agency civil rights offices here: https://www.justice.gov/crt/fcs/Agency-OCR-Offices
  3. Public interest law firms with civil rights practices. If you’re interested in working for a law firm in the private sector, look for firms that specialize in public interests including civil rights. The primary mission of these firms is to help underrepresented people and causes, rather than just to make money.[13]
    Become a Civil Rights Attorney Step 10.jpg
    • Though these types of firms are still for-profit law firms, the way they choose clients is more selective and they often offer flexible payment options and take on pro-bono cases.


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