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Friday, 24 August 2018

How to Wear Purple Lipstick

If you’re searching for a bold way to change up your makeup, you might be thinking of switching out your pink or nude lipstick for a purple one. Whether you want a vibrant look for 1 day or every day, you can choose a shade of purple lipstick that will flatter your complexion. By applying the lipstick and accentuating it with minimal makeup, you can create a memorable look all your friends will love.[1]


EditChoosing the Right Shade

  1. Choose cool lilac or lavender lipstick for fair skin tones. Look for lighter-colored purple lipsticks with blue undertones, such as heather or iris shades, to accentuate the blue undertones in your pale skin. These will complement your complexion best.[2]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 1.jpg
  2. Try berry and magenta shades for beige skin tones. Experiment with medium-intensity purple lipsticks in both cool and warm shades, such as jam or orchid colors. Beige skin tones are some of the most versatile and can wear many colors well.[3]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 2.jpg
    • If you tend to burn in the sun, lean towards the bluer end of the color spectrum for your purple lipstick. If you tan in the sun, lean towards the warmer side.
  3. Pick plum and mauve shades for olive skin tones. Opt for more vivid purple lipsticks with warm undertones, such as sangria or magenta colors, to complement the warmth in your skin. These shades will give you a pleasing lit-from-within glow.[4]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 3.jpg
    • When in doubt, always go for warmer purple shades that have more red than blue. Cooler purples typically aren’t as flattering on olive skin tones.
  4. Wear wine and raisin shades for deeper skin tones. Choose rich, dark purples with warm undertones, such as royal purple and burgundy, to match your skin’s natural intensity. These lipsticks will highlight your skin’s natural color saturation.[5]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 4.jpg
    • If your dark skin has blue undertones, opt for indigo and eggplant shades on the bluer side of the spectrum.
  5. Choose a matte lipstick for intense pigment. Opt for a matte lipstick to create an intense, dramatic look. The saturation of matte color will make your purple lips the focal point of your makeup.[6]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 5.jpg
    • Matte purple lips are an intriguing look for night but may be too eye-catching for a midday brunch.
  6. Try a satin or sheer color for a lighter look. Choose a sheer or satin purple lipstick for a wearable everyday look. These lipsticks tend to let a little bit of your natural lip color shine through and are a good starting point if you’re trying purple lipstick for the first time.[7]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 6.jpg
    • If you have a warm skin tone, it may be most flattering to line your lips with a red lip liner before going over them with the sheer purple lipstick.

EditApplying Your Lipstick

  1. Apply a lip scrub. Make your own lip scrub with a spoonful of brown sugar and a drop or two of honey. Massage the lip scrub across your lips in small, circular motions to exfoliate dead skin and make your skin look it’s best.[8]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 7.jpg
    • If your lips are dry, add a few drops of coconut or olive oil to your scrub so that you can hydrate your lips as you exfoliate them.
  2. Rinse off your lip scrub and apply a hydrating balm. Remove your lip scrub with cool tap water, and dry your lips gently with a hand towel. Apply a coat of moisturizing lip balm with your fingertip.[9]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 8.jpg
    • If needed, blot your lips with a tissue after applying the lip balm to remove extra grease.
  3. Use a lip liner to get clean edges. Make your lipstick color pop and also last longer by using a lip pencil that’s close in color to your lipstick. Outline the border of your lips by starting at the center of your top lip and following the outline of the lip, drawing outward. Repeat this motion on the other side of your top lip. Line the bottom lip by starting at one side and drawing across the bottom outline. Then, color in the rest of your lips with the liner.[10]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 9.jpg
    • Slightly over lining your lips can make them appear larger.
  4. Apply satin or sheer lipstick with a finger. Swipe a line of lipstick onto your index fingertip, and press the color into your lips, filling in the lip-pencil outline. As necessary, apply more lipstick to your fingertip and keep pressing. This will help the sheer color adhere fully to your lips.[11]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 10.jpg
    • You can also apply the lipstick directly from the applicator, if on the go or if you prefer a more saturated look.
  5. Apply dark or matte shades with a lip brush. Rub a lip brush across your lipstick until the bristles are saturated with color. Wipe any clumps or excess off the brush onto a tissue, if needed. Use the brush to fill in the center of your lips, taking care to stay within your lip-pencil outline.[12]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 11.jpg
    • A lip brush allows for super precise application, so your attention-grabbing lip color is flawless!
  6. Blot your lipstick to remove excess product. Every time you put lipstick on, blot it gently with a tissue to keep excess product from staining your teeth. If you want more intense coverage, apply a second layer of lipstick and then blot again.
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 12.jpg

EditAccentuating Your Lipstick

  1. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Let your bold lipstick shine by minimizing the rest of your makeup. Opt for a flesh-toned eye shadow, skipping bright blushes and harsh contouring, too.[13]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 13.jpg
    • Keeping the rest of your makeup in your skin’s natural color palate will let your vibrant lipstick take center stage.
    • Brown mascara and defined brows will help your look stay balanced but natural.
  2. Dial up your accessories. Grab your favorite big earrings or statement necklace to pair with your bold lip. While the rest of your makeup should remain relatively neutral, strong accessories that match the intensity of your intriguing lipstick can provide a nice counterbalance to your look.[14]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 14.jpg
    • Opt for jewel-tone studs or gold chandelier earrings for an eye-catching accent.
    • A collar-style necklace in gold or silver can add some regal elegance to your look.
  3. Choose a pink-tone highlight to make your skin look luminous. Add some natural glow to your skin by highlighting your forehead, cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose with a shimmery pink powder or liquid highlighter. This can add light and shadow to your face in a way that accentuates your statement lipstick without distracting from it.[15]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 15.jpg
  4. Try a cat eye with minimal eye shadow. Use a black liquid eyeliner to create a subtle cat eye shape at the corner of your eyelids. This creative flourish matches the intensity of your purple lipstick but remains relatively subtle with simple facial makeup.[16]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 16.jpg
  5. Avoid pairing your purple lipstick with blues and greens. Keep your look fresh, not clownish, by skipping blue and green hues in the rest of your makeup. Too many intense colors compete with one another and can look distracting or messy rather than complementary.[17]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 17.jpg
    • Stick to neutral pinks, taupes, and browns in your eye makeup to let your lipstick do the talking.
  6. Choose another feature to highlight with purple for a monochrome look. Embrace purple to the max by choosing 1-2 other features to highlight with purple, whether it’s a wine polish on your fingernails or a plum-colored eyeliner. Be careful not to overdo it and wear purple everything, as this can sometimes be overwhelming if not done correctly.[18]
    Wear Purple Lipstick Step 18.jpg

EditSources and Citations

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